A bit of History

Humble Beginnings...

The Rice Hut was established in January 2012 by two sisters Janette and Janine who was looking for a new challenge after spending a decade in their profession. In Janette's years of working as an oral health therapist in the MLC building facing the Jan Power's market every Wednesday Janette dreamt of one day starting a business that incorporated her passion of creating exciting food that is healthy and delicious. Janette has always loved cooking for others, her satisfaction of seeing family and friends enjoy her food is her drive to establish what is now called "The Rice Hut".

Who else was better to join her in this next challenge but her sister Janine. Janine spent years behind desks managing other people's accounts and businesses. Her expertise was the perfect match in kick starting The Rice Hut.

With an inspirational grandmother who operated a very successful restaurant in the small fishing village of Vung Tau, Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s, her passion for cooking and serving fresh, healthy and authentic Vietnamese food has passed down through our mother and now to us. We have incorporated many of her secret recipes and style of cooking into our menu. In 1975, when the civil war broke out our family was forced to abandon Vietnam leaving on a small wooden boat crammed with 50 people seeking freedom. My great grandmother was the oldest passenger at 65 and my sister was the youngest at just 2 months old. Her determintation and ambition has been instilled in us to never give up.

The start up...

The Rice Hut began operating around Brisbane in local Farmer's Markets such as the Jan Power's Wednesday city market and the Powerhouse Market.

We have been very well received around Brisbane and feel so blessed that our customers have enjoyed the food that we serve and we have built many good relations with our regular customers. We feel privileged that we have met so many wonderful customers over the years who come back week on week to support our little venture.

Where to now...

Now that our youngest babies are at school, we decided it is time to expand our little business venture and spread our love and passion of serving fresh, healthy and authentic Vietnamese food.

We are now offering fresh, healthy and authentic Vietnamese dishes at The Rice Hut Bistro in Kenmore.

We are committed to offering you the highest standards of customer service and most importantly, delicious Vietnamese food that you will enjoy and love!

about us

Small wooden boat used to cram 50 people to flee Vietnam.

about us

Market stall little business venture.

about us

The new Rice Hut Bistro offering fresh, healthy and authentic Vietnamese food.